Ventilation is vital for controlling a building’s temperature, creating a comfortable environment and extracting moisture, smells, smoke and other gases that result from day-to-day operations. Ventilation systems free from bacteria can increase staff health.

Symptoms of harmful ventilation common among staff members are:

  • headaches
  • eye, nose or throat irritation
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • nausea

At Platinum Facilities Maintenance we specialise in mandatory servicing and cleaning ventilation for different buildings:

  • Hotels, Bars and Restaurants
  • Hospitals and Care homes
  • Commercial Units
  • Retail Spaces
  • Leisure Centres
  • Offices

Our highly qualified team consists of industry leading ventilation/extraction installers and engineers who work alongside our ventilation, extraction fan and canopy cleaning team.

Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Regular kitchen extraction cleaning and servicing is vital for keeping your commercial kitchen safe. Extraction fans pull grease and fumes out of the working environment whilst keeping the kitchen cool and comfortable to work in.

Canopy, Filter and Ductwork Cleaning

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regulations stipulate that kitchen canopy extract systems should be kept in order to keep fire & any other associated risks, to a minimum. A failure to comply with these guidelines could result in your insurance policy being invalidated.

Without regular cleans, kitchen canopies and ducts can become clogged with grease, dust and other airborne debris. An uncleaned canopy, duct or extractor fan can look dirty and decrease extractor fan efficiency meaning more costs and less heat control. On top of this, a dirty duct, canopy or extractor fan is extremely dangerous.

In investigations by forensic teams, neglected ductwork directly contributed to 25% of all cases with dramatic fire damage. This is due to the build up grease in the ductwork which can aid flames travel throughout a building.

Our professional extraction, canopy and ductwork cleaners give your entire extraction system a deep clean. We also clean your extraction filters and provide you will full documentation in-line with current TR19 regulations.

Ventilation Installation and Cleaning

Clean ventilation is a vital lifeline for your business.

Our team of engineers are highly qualified in installing, servicing and cleaning your ventilation systems. Regular maintenance and cleaning is the key to reducing public health risks.

Laundry Duct Cleaning

As with canopy extraction fans and HVAC ducts, laundry machine ducts need to be cleaned yearly. Dryers especially collect fluff and lilt from clothing. This buildup of soft, dry material is highly flammable and is a serious fire risk to your business.

TR19 Regulations

Due to TR19 regulations companies are required by law to show documentation that your kitchen is regularly cleaned. Our professional duct cleaners clean all accessible areas of your ductwork meaning that in the event of a fire your insurance company will pay out 100% of the claim. Some companies only clean 20% or 50% of your ductwork which will minimise your insurance payout.

Ductwork access door installation

Access doors can be installed in walls or ceilings and ventilation chimneys. This allows easier access for cleaning and servicing appliances. We install both ductwork access doors and builders hatches to allow easier access to ductwork and ventilation systems.