Building Compliance

Building compliance is a fundamental aspect in any facilities maintenance contract and every employer is responsible. It’s difficult keeping your business compliant whilst trying to adhere to tight budgets.

Keeping abreast of legislative compliance issues can be a minefield, which is why we are here to help.

Annual mandatory testing must be carried out to ensure compliance with BESA, BS9999:17, TR19 & L8 Standards:

PAT Testing Glasgow - (Portable Appliance Testing)

PAT includes the testing of objects that are frequently used. This can be as simple as a visual check to ensure there is no damage. All electrical appliances should be tested annually. Our expert team provides PAT testing Glasgow businesses trust.

Electrical testing, inspections & EICR certificates

A building’s appliances systems should be inspected and tested regularly as they begin to decay after years of use. Inspections should confirm whether or not they are in an adequate working condition.

Fire damper drop testing, cleaning & annual maintenance

Fire dampers should be tested upon installation and should be done so at no more than 12 intervals. Dampers should be properly maintained to prevent the spread of smoke or fires throughout a building.

Kitchen canopy ductwork & ventilation cleaning

The cleaning of kitchen canopy ductwork and ventilation is vital in commercial kitchens. The build-up of grease and fat deposits in these can promote serious fire risks and if not cleaned regularly, your insurance can become invalid.

Legionella monitoring

We can monitor any potential growth of legionella by monitoring and cleaning water systems, carrying out regular risk assessments and recording any precautions.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments form an integral part of a health and safety management plan. These are important as they allow employers to take necessary health and safety measures for staff.

Gas installations certification/testing and inspection

Gas installations such as boilers, heating systems, commercial kitchens and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should both be tested and inspected regularly. Our engineers are qualified and trained to carry out these tests.